1.Air Terminal with multi-point

2.Air Terminal base

3.Square Clamp

4.Copper or G.I. Mesh


6.Bonding to staircase

7.Earthing Rod

8.Oblong test clamp

9.DC Tape Clip

Lightning Arrester

We undertake design, supply & installation of lightning protection systems in compliance with international standards like IEC-62305 & NFPA-780, BS-EN-62305 & IS-2309. Our team of experts perform the risk assessment studies to determine the vulnerable areas of the structure to be protected and accordingly design the most efficient lightning protection scheme .

This ensures the most effective placement of air terminations on the structure. Down conductors are positioned to provide the most direct path from the air termination to a low impedance grounding system, to help ensure safe and effective dissipation of the lightning impulse. Equipotential bonding of all circuits and conductors is necessary to reduce ground potential differences and to limit equipotential damage.

Multi-point Air-terminal

MODEL Length (mm) Rod Dia(mm) Material Sphere Size(mm)
FR-60 1200 25.4 Copper 60
FR-80 1200 25.4 Copper 80
FR-100 1200 25.4 Copper 100
FR-1612 1200 16 Copper -
FR-1615 1200 16 Copper -

Material Specifications:


Air termination network is the point of connection of Lightning Strike to the Protection System. These can be used with or without multipoint, however researches conducted in this regard suggest use of multiple points with taper air rods are more effective than only taper air rods.

The Taper Pointed Air Rods on one side have taper of less than 5 deg. for a perfect taper fit with multiple and on the other side has suitable threads for fixing into terminal Base, Flat Saddle, Ridge Saddle, Air Rod Base, Rod Brackets and Air Rod Couplings.